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Eaglesham community geophysical survey (2017)

Eaglesham History Society, assisted by members of the Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists (ACFA), carried out a Community Geophysical Survey from 5-9 June 2017.

Pupils from Eaglesham Primary School, Williamwood High School and Mearns Castle High School took part in workshops throughout the week.

The geophysical survey workshop for the pupils took place on the Orry ground in front of the Wishing Well Tearoom. The remains of a large house together with yards and ancillary buildings had been revealed in a previous geophysical survey in 2011 and it was decided by Peta Glew of Northlight Heritage that this was an ideal area for the students to learn about the theory and principles of geophysics as well as seeing and taking part in scientific demonstrations.

The survey allowed pupils to get practical hands-on experience of geophysics, an opportunity not always available in the classroom. Geophysics also provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary learning as it involves the stem subjects of science and mathematics. Students also learnt about laying out grids for archaeological excavations and how to use a total station.

Six students from the University of Glasgow helped with the training of the pupils. Unfortunately weather conditions were not ideal during these first three days, ranging from very heavy rain and swarms of midges to dry slightly sunny weather on the Tuesday. However, apart from these issues the pupils appeared to enjoy themselves and judging by the interest shown by the pupils it was a worthwhile project.

The additional aim of the Eaglesham Orry Community Survey was to try and identify the possible existence of the pre-planned village remains prior to 1769 below today’s turf in front of Eaglesham Church and the area to the right below the Wishing Well Tearoom.

The survey was carried out as part of a week of activities that included an exhibition and workshops from Archaeology Scotland and East Renfrewshire Libraries.

  • A full account of the week’s activities can be found here.