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Eaglesham History Society is hoping to develop a project in association with Northlight Heritage that could build on the archaeological survey work that’s already been done in Eaglesham. We’re proposing that we work up a project on the following lines, divided naturally into two areas:

1. Geophysics  

This would involve undertaking a geophysical survey in the Orry; the area roughly bounded by Montgomery Street, Mid Road, Eaglesham Burn and the back of the Eglinton Arms Hotel. We would outline the significance of the findings in the northern part and then say what we think further geophysics would tell us about the history of Eaglesham.

This survey would involve volunteers from the community and be a training opportunity for local people and enable them to get involved with the historical research.  This could involve creation of posters and an exhibition.


2. School Engagement

A series of workshops could be delivered to the schools which could highlight the history of Eaglesham, show what digital information on history, archaeology and maps is available online and also show how the geophysical equipment is built.  For the younger ones there could be some simpler more hands-on projects on electricity which leads into the geophysics. School visits to the Orry could involve different elements.

  • The two methods of geophysics (resistivity and magnetometry) could be demonstrated to small groups for about 20 mins each.
  • Walking around the Orry and understanding the landscape, map reading, looking at old maps, perhaps some survey & photography.
  • Finds handling /exhibition space at the Carswell Centre.


We are currently investigating sources of funding for this exciting project and will keep you updated with any developments.